How do I upgrade my server and clients?

To upgrade the Velociraptor server to a new version, simply download the latest release binary from the GitHub Release Page and regenerate a new Debian package as described above, but using the existing configuration file.

See this page for more details

To upgrade the Velociraptor clients, you will need to push out new MSIs using the existing client configuration files.

More details on Client upgrades

Supported Upgrade Scenarios

Matching client and server versions is the most supported configuration. See the support policy

Before upgrading perform testing of the combination of client and server versions to be used, compatibility of mixed versions is best efforts based on community testing and issues being reported.

  • Check GitHub for issues reported by the community.
  • Read release notes for all versions between the current version, and the version you are moving to if skipping versions. Generally though avoid skipping versions.

Other tips

  • Recent versions of clients and servers generally can communicate with each other without a problem, but new functionality may not be available on old clients. Artifacts like this will (0.6.4+) help reduce this.
  • Upgrading the server before clients is more common, so version problems are more likely to have been caught in community testing with this approach.
  • Consider running a parallel deployment as the most compatible way to upgrade. Such as when upgrading and there are known breaking changes between the current client and target server versions (going from self signed to auto cert), or when there are large version differences (unusual combinations of client and server).