client_idThe client id to extractstring
flow_idA flow ID (client or server artifacts)string
hunt_idRetrieve sources from this hunt (combines all results from all clients)string
artifactThe name of the artifact collection to fetchstring
sourceAn optional named source within the artifactstring
start_timeStart return events from this date (for event sources)Any
end_timeStop end events reach this time (event sources).Any
notebook_idThe notebook to read from (should also include cell id)string
notebook_cell_idThe notebook cell read from (should also include notebook id)string
notebook_cell_versionThe notebook cell version to read from (should also include notebook id and notebook cell)string
notebook_cell_tableA notebook cell can have multiple tables.)int64
start_rowStart reading the result set from this rowint64
countMaximum number of clients to fetch (default unlimited)'int64
orgsRun the query over these orgs. If empty use the current org.'list of string

Required Permissions: READ_RESULTS


Retrieve rows from an artifact’s source.

This plugin is mostly useful in reports. It attempts to do the right thing automatically by inferring most parameters from its execution environment.

For example when called within a CLIENT report context, it will automatically fill its flow id, client id etc. Typically this means that you only need to specify the source name (for multi-source artifacts).