client_idThe client id to import to. Use ‘auto’ to generate a new client id.string
hostnameWhen creating a new client, set this as the hostname.string
filenamePath on server to the collector zip.string (required)
accessorThe accessor to use.string
import_typeWhether the import is an offline_collector or hunt.string



Imports an offline collection zip file (experimental).

Offline collectors are preconfigure Velociraptor binaries that collect specific artifacts into a zip file.

This function allows such a collection to be imported into the GUI as if it was collected by the server. The collection will be loaded into a client’s filestore directory.

Since there is no actual client id associated with the offline collection (there is no Velociraptor client running on the endpoint) we generate a random client ID for a new client.

If you specify an existing client id, the collection will be uploaded into that client.

NOTE: Combine this function with the hunt_add() function to add a manual offline collection to an ongoing hunt.