client_idstring (required)
hunt_idstring (required)
flow_idIf a flow id is specified we do not create a new flow, but instead add this flow_id to the hunt.string
relaunchIf specified we relaunch the hunt on this client again.bool

Required Permissions: START_HUNT


Assign a client to a hunt.

This function allows a client to be added to a hunt. The client will be immediately scheduled and the results will be added to the hunt. Clients are added to a hunt regardless of any hunt conditions, or even if the hunt is stopped.

You can use this function to manually add clients to selected hunts for example after being triaged or post processed to identify the clients of interest.

NOTE: An alternative method is to create a hunt that only targets a specific label and then just assign the label to specific clients.

Adding an existing flow to a hunt.

If a flow_id is specified, this function will just immediately add the collection to the hunt, without scheduling a new collection. The results of this flow will be visible when post processing the hunt, exporting the hunt etc.

This is useful to redo a collection in a hunt - for example, if some collections in the hunt expired or were cancelled you can manually re-run these collections and then when successful re-add them to the hunt.