pathA VFS path to convertLazyExpr (required)


Resolves file store paths into full filesystem paths.

This function is only available on the server. It can be used to find the backing file behind a filestore path so it can be passed on to an external program.

Velociraptor uses the concept of a Virtual File System to manage the information about clients etc. The VFS path is a path into the file store. Of course ultimately (at least in the current implementation) the file store is storing files on disk, but the disk filename is not necessarily the same as the VFS path (for example non representable characters are escaped).

You can use the file_store() function to return the real file path on disk. This probably only makes sense for VQL queries running on the server which can independently open the file.

In future the file store may be abstracted (e.g. files may not be locally stored at all) and this function may stop working.