client_idClient ID to export.string (required)
flow_idThe flow id to export.string (required)
waitIf set we wait for the download to complete before returning.bool
typeType of download to create (deprecated Ignored).string
templateReport template to use (deprecated Ignored).string
passwordAn optional password to encrypt the collection zip.string
formatFormat to export (csv,json,csv_only) defaults to both.string
expand_sparseIf set we expand sparse files in the archive.bool
nameIf specified we call the file this name otherwise we generate name based on flow id.string

Required Permissions: PREPARE_RESULTS


Creates a download pack for the flow.

This function initiates the download creation process for a flow. It is equivalent to the GUI functionality allowing to “Download Results” from the Flows Overview page.

Using the wait parameter you can wait for the download to complete or just kick it off asynchronously.