toRecipient of the maillist of string (required)
fromThe from email address.string
ccA cc for the maillist of string
subjectThe subject.string
bodyThe body of the mail.string (required)
periodHow long to wait before sending the next mail - help to throttle mails.int64
server_portThe SMTP server port to use (default 587).uint64
serverThe SMTP server to use (if not specified we try the config file).string
auth_usernameThe SMTP username we authenticate to the server.string
auth_passwordThe SMTP username password we use to authenticate to the server.string
skip_verifySkip SSL verification(default: False).bool
root_caAs a better alternative to disable_ssl_security, allows root ca certs to be added here.string

Required Permissions: SERVER_ADMIN


Send Email to a remote server.