querySource for rows to upload.StoredQuery (required)
apibaseurlBase URL for Ingestion APIstring (required)
ingest_tokenIngest token for APIstring (required)
threadsHow many threads to use to post batched events.int
http_timeoutTimeout for http requests (default: 10s)int
max_retriesMaximum number of retries before failing an operation. A value < 0 means retry forever. (default: 7200)int
root_caAs a better alternative to skip_verify, allows root ca certs to be added here.string
skip_verifySkip verification of server certificates (default: false)bool
batching_timeout_msTimeout between posts (default: 3000ms)int
event_batch_sizeItems to batch before post (default: 2000)int
tag_fieldsName of fields to be used as tags. Fields can be renamed using =list of string
stats_intervalInterval, in seconds, to post statistics to the log (default: 600, 0 to disable)int
debugEnable verbose logging.bool


Upload rows to LogScale ingestion server.