pathA path with environment escapesstring (required)

Required Permissions: MACHINE_STATE


Expand the path using the environment.

This function expands environment variables into the path. It is normally needed after using registry values of type REG_EXPAND_SZ as they typically contain environment strings. Velociraptor does not automatically expand such values since environment variables typically depend on the specific user account which reads the registry value (different user accounts can have different environment variables).

This function uses the Golang standard for expanding variables (using $varname ). On Windows, we also support using the Windows notation with % before and after the variable name.

SELECT expand(path="My Username is %USERNAME%")
FROM scope()

NOTE: The environment strings are set per user and Velociraptor’s own environment may not reflect any other process’s environment. See Windows.Forensics.ProcessInfo for a forensically sound manner of obtaining the environment from any process.