How can I save my favorite collections for the future?

Sometimes we tend to collect the same set of artifacts together, possibly with some specific parameters. It gets tedious to constantly reconfigure the New Collection interface with the same set of artifacts.

This where the favorites feature comes in. We can save existing collections including the artifacts collected and their parameters. Then in future we just need to restore our collections from our favorites.

Saving a collection as a favorite
Saving a collection as a favorite

The favorite can be restored in future by simply adding a new collection, clicking the favorite button and searching for it.

Restoring a favorite collection
Restoring a favorite collection

Creating favorites programmatically

Favorites are stored into the user’s profile, since each user might have a different set of artifacts they normally use.

It is possible however to create favorites using VQL with the favorites_save() function:

SELECT favorites_save(type="CLIENT", name="MyFavorite",
  "parameters": {
    "env": [{
        "key": "SearchFilesGlob",
        "value": "HKEY_USERS/*/Software/Sysinternals/*/*"
    }, {
        "key": "Accessor",
        "value": "registry"
FROM scope()

Note the spec parameter is a JSON encoded blob of the various artifact parameters.

By including the VQL in a notebook, any user can collect it and install the favorites in their own profile.